The fiercely original “Chan Is Missing”

Last night, the Metrograph Theater revived a piece of cinematic history with a showing of a newly restored 35mm print of Wayne Wang’s debut film, “Chan is Missing.” Wang was there to present the film and gave the audience some historical context behind its creation. What stuck out to me the most—to paraphrase Wang—was his… Continue reading The fiercely original “Chan Is Missing”

The Comedic Genius of “The Movie Orgy”

A few weeks ago, the BAM Cinematek ran a retrospective on Joe Dante where they showed films curated by Dante himself. The selection ranged from Dante’s own filmography to his influences, but one movie shown was essentially a mix of both: “The Movie Orgy.” Put together by Dante when he was a college student, “The… Continue reading The Comedic Genius of “The Movie Orgy”

The Wondrous yet Frustrating “On the Silver Globe”

The Film Society of Lincoln Center recently premiered Andrzej Zulawski’s 1988 science-fiction epic, On the Silver Globe, and as I was walking out the theater, I had understood that grasping the film would be rather difficult; not necessarily because On the Silver Globe is a challenging film to watch due to Zulawski’s experimental nature—although it… Continue reading The Wondrous yet Frustrating “On the Silver Globe”