Critical Roundup Vol. 5

For Paste, Whitney Brandt lists 100 Twitter profiles to follow if you’re interested in film. As an aspiring film critic, I have found Twitter to be such an immense tool in connecting me to other so this list is definitely worth taking a look at. For Outtake, Erik Abriss takes a look at how… Continue reading Critical Roundup Vol. 5

Critical Roundup Vol. 4

For Roger, Alissa Wilkinson interviews director Robert Greene on his latest film, “Kate Plays Christine.” I’m eager to watch it as the premise and Greene’s execution seem interesting, and the film has been lauded. Cinephillia & Beyond published on an essay on Orson Welle’s “The Trial.” As the title says, the focus is… Continue reading Critical Roundup Vol. 4

Critical Roundup Vol.3

For Indiewire, David Ehrlich interviewed James Schamus, who just released his new movie Indignation. ‘Indignation’ Director James Schamus: Film Is Dead, And That’s Okay Another Indiewire piece; Liz Calvario goes over a new interview between Studio Ghibli and There’s a lot of insight into the behind-the-scenes process of anime, which is rare to find.… Continue reading Critical Roundup Vol.3

Critical Roundup Vol.2

Critical Roundup Vol.1 While not strictly on film, for her own Youtube channel, Shannon Strucci argues for why video games are an art form. Part of her argument, however, is rooted in comparing video games to film. Videogames are one of my favorite hobbies, and I wholeheartedly agree with Strucci’s excellent argument. For NPR,… Continue reading Critical Roundup Vol.2

Critical Roundup Vol. 1

I think a critic’s job is to do more than highlight films they consider important but also ideas. There have been a string of poorly written articles recently that have gained a considerable amount of popularity due to their negative nature. Critical Roundup can be seen as a response to this. Every two weeks I’ll… Continue reading Critical Roundup Vol. 1