Networkoncinema mainly functions as an online portfolio of my work. This is the third iteration of my blog after I initially began writing on Google’s blogspot platform  under the name AEDFilms, before switching to Tumblr and finally, coming here.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to read on this blog:

Reviews: The main feature of this blog is contemporary film reviews with a focus on independent cinema.

Limited: Independent theaters often show older films for special occasions. Limited is a series where I review and discuss these re-released works.

Film of the Week: Film of the Week is a series where I go about recommending a film through an argument and short analysis. The target audience of Film of the Week are people who want to get into film but don’t know where to begin. The goal of this series is to also highlight more obscure works of cinema; I really want to give a wide-range of recommendations.

Critical Roundup: Critical Roundup is a series where I highlight articles on film from the past two weeks. The goal here is to share knowledge and ideas that I found engaging or interesting.