Crafting its grit in relation to the perceived silliness of other superhero films, Logan wants to be taken seriously. With a cool sense of nihilism, the film dismisses both the comic book origins and cinematic ancestors that helped birth it: “This is ice-cream for bed-wetters,” Logan says of an X-Men comic. With some heavy borrowing… Continue reading Logan


A tale of morals and personal responsibility wrapped up in superhero splendor, Colossal tells the story of Gloria (Anne Hathaway), an alcoholic. Tired of Gloria’s irresponsibility, her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) kicks her out. Hoping to get her life under control, Gloria returns to her hometown and upon arriving runs into her childhood friend Oscar… Continue reading COLOSSAL

Film of the Week: Unguided Tour

In Susan Sontag’s Unguided Tour (1983), the past subsumes the present. Sontag emphasizes the stories permeating underneath the camera’s frame; the essence and memory of things. An unnamed couple walk through Venice. The woman (Lucinda Childs) ruminates on the parallels between the city and her relationship, both faltering. Sontag directs and edits Unguided Tour as… Continue reading Film of the Week: Unguided Tour

Anna Biller’s Alluring The Love Witch

Anna Biller’s The Love Witch centers on Elaine (Samantha Robinson), the eponymous enchantress who is on a quest to find true love—whatever that means. Elaine doesn’t seem quite sure herself. Following a divorce by her husband Richard (Robert Seeley), and her subsequent murder of him, Elaine feels romantically adrift. She has men  down to a… Continue reading Anna Biller’s Alluring The Love Witch

The Handmaiden Review

A grand narrative of love and betrayal, The Handmaiden appears to be a build-up and amalgamation of Park Chan-Wook’s earlier films. The provocation of Old Boy (2003), the cold sexual allure of Lee Geum-ja (Lee Young-ae) from Lady Vengeance (2005), and the sleekness of interior design from Stoker (2013) are all present here, wrapped up… Continue reading The Handmaiden Review